Art studies and I love our community.

I’m pleased to get some lip studies done recently. I feel like I can never know enough so I can be hard on myself about getting reading and sketch studies logged in.

I wanted to give a big thank you to the awesome art community. I love how humble the artists I look up to are. The power of the internet has given us opportunities for communication we may not normally have. I’ve done a drawing conference with the renown Artgerm Stanley and a couple of fellow artists one time. I’ve the ability to ask questions about techniques and materials from some of the best in the business and when they respond it’s a bit of knowledge you can’t put a price on. 

I am so proud to be an artist and I’m completely blessed to be a part of this community.

I’ve used COLOURlovers as inspiration over the past few years and until today hadn’t considered making an account. Now that I have I’ve already whipped up a past used pallette and two others for my the two Monster High girls I’m currently working on. Taking a look at the Lagoona Blue custom you can understand how I intend to design these palettes. My labels seem like some crazy code but it’s just the doll’s name with a short reference description. For example, LB1 citrus brunette is simply Lagoona Blue citrus brunette.

LB1 citrus brunette

Some upcoming palettes.



Operetta blank face

Monster High Operetta doll front, profile, and quarter view with factory paint and blank face resource. Do not use this as a template to trace on, it’s strictly for personal reference. Operetta character and Monster High is ©Mattel.


Monster High Twyla repaint

She’s available here.

This Monster High Twyla doll has been features yellow eyes, pink lips, light pink cheeks, and blue with mint arched eyebrows.
She comes with everything her original box had including her clothing, accessories, pet, diary , stand, and brush.

Twyla has not been given body blushing.

Howleen Wolf repaint

Howleen Wolf has been repainted to feature yellow eyes, yellow painted claws, and full body blushing. Her safety pin earring has been replaced with a medical grade surgical steel cbr loop, and it is removable. Her favorite food is hot dogs so I’m including a ooak miniature I sculpted just for her. The frank is removable from the bun and both have been accented and sealed.

This one of a kind Howleen Wolf (dance class) was painted using acrylics, watercolor pencils, pastels, and she’s been sealed in a uv cut protectant.

Her accessories include:
– 1 exclusive hand made hot dog with removable frank
– 1 jumpsuit
– 1 pair of boots
– 1 belt
– 1 boombox fashion bag
– 1 medical grade surgical steel cbr loop

Frankie Stein repaint

She’s listed on my Etsy here at Mucho Minis. She’s listed at $100.00 USD.

This one of a kind (OOAK) Monster High fashion Frankie Stein has been repainted featuring her OC heterochromia (two different color eyes).

Her handmade medusa piercing jewelry, smokey eye makeup, and high gloss pout give her some spunk and keep her disposition sweet as I intended.

She’s a roller maze edition, so she comes with all her original box contents including:

  • 1 lime green stand
  • 1 set of blue roller blades
  • 1 set of knee pads
  • 1 protective helmet
  • 1 roller maze Frankie Stein card

Purchaser please note: This art doll is not intended for children, her piercing jewelry includes metal and when removed is a choking hazard.

Scripting experiments

Scripting a fine line has become a priority now that I’m customizing dolls. I setup a project for myself, testing various combinations of paint with flow-aid additive and four scripting brushes of various lengths and size.

The brushes:

  1. Orange no brand name: #1 (Hobby Lobby)
  2. Master’s Touch: 20/0 (Hobby Lobby)
  3. Royal: 20/0 (Michael’s)
  4. Artist’s Loft: 6/0 (Michael’s)

The mediums:

  1. (A) Liquitex acrylic: ivory black
  2. (B) Artists’s Loft: lamp black
  3. (C) Schmincke Horadam gouache: ivory black

The additive:

Liquitex flow-aid for polymer emulsion

The hypothesis: I think the Artist’s Loft paint will appear runny/watercolor like because it’s cheapest. I think Liquitex will flow better than Gouache. I think Gouache will be thick and purest/darkest.

The experiment:



  • Adding water while rinsing decreases purity quickly.
  • Problems with globbing.
  • Short strokes.

I started a second test with the Liquitex, I thought I added too much Flow Aid. This paint is just unsatisfactory all around. 

Artist’s Loft

  • Wow, can’t believe how pure the color is.
  • Strokes flowing much longer/softer than Liquitex.

Schmincke Gouache

  • Beautiful, absolutely worth the price.
  • Pure color.

Brush observations:

  • Really surprised the cheapest brush 6/0, nylon bristles, was one of my favorites.
  • 20/0 Master’s Touch ex. liner was totally worth it, now to build the confidence for straighter lines.
  • The no name #1 was, as suspected, least favorite for wispy lines.
  • The Royal 20/0 detail liner doesn’t produce what I hoped for.

Final thoughts:

I was surprised to find Artist’s Loft (Michael’s brand) brush was amazing, and their paints were better than Liquitex for coverage. The gouache I’m completely pleased with. At $12 a tube, this will probably last a few months for the jobs I’m doing. Ending, the 6/0 nylon brush was my favorite paired with the Schmincke gouache. I can’t believe the Liquitex results when viewing the price differences. Most expect cheap paints to be less quality, here’s the proof that’s not true!