Art studies and I love our community.

I’m pleased to get some lip studies done recently. I feel like I can never know enough so I can be hard on myself about getting reading and sketch studies logged in.

I wanted to give a big thank you to the awesome art community. I love how humble the artists I look up to are. The power of the internet has given us opportunities for communication we may not normally have. I’ve done a drawing conference with the renown Artgerm Stanley and a couple of fellow artists one time. I’ve the ability to ask questions about techniques and materials from some of the best in the business and when they respond it’s a bit of knowledge you can’t put a price on. 

I am so proud to be an artist and I’m completely blessed to be a part of this community.

I’ve used COLOURlovers as inspiration over the past few years and until today hadn’t considered making an account. Now that I have I’ve already whipped up a past used pallette and two others for my the two Monster High girls I’m currently working on. Taking a look at the Lagoona Blue custom you can understand how I intend to design these palettes. My labels seem like some crazy code but it’s just the doll’s name with a short reference description. For example, LB1 citrus brunette is simply Lagoona Blue citrus brunette.

LB1 citrus brunette

Some upcoming palettes.



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