Scripting experiments

Scripting a fine line has become a priority now that I’m customizing dolls. I setup a project for myself, testing various combinations of paint with flow-aid additive and four scripting brushes of various lengths and size.

The brushes:

  1. Orange no brand name: #1 (Hobby Lobby)
  2. Master’s Touch: 20/0 (Hobby Lobby)
  3. Royal: 20/0 (Michael’s)
  4. Artist’s Loft: 6/0 (Michael’s)

The mediums:

  1. (A) Liquitex acrylic: ivory black
  2. (B) Artists’s Loft: lamp black
  3. (C) Schmincke Horadam gouache: ivory black

The additive:

Liquitex flow-aid for polymer emulsion

The hypothesis: I think the Artist’s Loft paint will appear runny/watercolor like because it’s cheapest. I think Liquitex will flow better than Gouache. I think Gouache will be thick and purest/darkest.

The experiment:



  • Adding water while rinsing decreases purity quickly.
  • Problems with globbing.
  • Short strokes.

I started a second test with the Liquitex, I thought I added too much Flow Aid. This paint is just unsatisfactory all around. 

Artist’s Loft

  • Wow, can’t believe how pure the color is.
  • Strokes flowing much longer/softer than Liquitex.

Schmincke Gouache

  • Beautiful, absolutely worth the price.
  • Pure color.

Brush observations:

  • Really surprised the cheapest brush 6/0, nylon bristles, was one of my favorites.
  • 20/0 Master’s Touch ex. liner was totally worth it, now to build the confidence for straighter lines.
  • The no name #1 was, as suspected, least favorite for wispy lines.
  • The Royal 20/0 detail liner doesn’t produce what I hoped for.

Final thoughts:

I was surprised to find Artist’s Loft (Michael’s brand) brush was amazing, and their paints were better than Liquitex for coverage. The gouache I’m completely pleased with. At $12 a tube, this will probably last a few months for the jobs I’m doing. Ending, the 6/0 nylon brush was my favorite paired with the Schmincke gouache. I can’t believe the Liquitex results when viewing the price differences. Most expect cheap paints to be less quality, here’s the proof that’s not true!


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