Ordering custom doll making materials

These past few years has been a slow gathering of materials after thoroughly reading about their mls data, uses, pros, cons, etc. Just proudly ordered this selection of materials renown for their prime quality through the years.


In order from left to right:

Derwent watercolor pencils: I already own a few of these. I’m adding Chinese White, Oriental Blue, and Lemon Cadmium. I utilize these pencils for fine details on my dolls. They’re also wonderful their original intended use, watercolor art. Use them wet or dry for different textures and effects.

Schmincke Horadam Gouache:  This is my first time investing in gouache, at 12$ a tube I could only afford my primary black and white. I’ll be experimenting with the flow blending capabilities versus acrylics (which I’m using now). I’ll also the viscosity of this versus acrylics in my airbrush.

Incredible white mask kit (2 oz): I just started using an airbrush about three months ago, I barely started experimenting with colors two weeks ago. I’ve seen this frisketing film everywhere and I know I’ll eventually have to try something out, boasted by raving reviews this was my first option. I’m excited to create fine creases and highlights with it!

I look forward to further exploring materials and uses, can’t wait to see the difference in finished product based on the quality of my materials as well.


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