Lagoona Blue repaint

Monster High Lagoona (science) custom repaint finished (my first ever). 😀

Hand made 100% human hair (purchased at a professional supply shop, commonly used for removable extensions) removable wig.

Acrylics, Schmitte pastels, water color pencils, sealed in matte medium and varnish, glossed.

She’s almost ready to go to her new home, finishing up some attire pieces. =]




7 thoughts on “Lagoona Blue repaint

  1. I wanted to read your blog, but most of the posts have no images! There is just a grey button with blue text “image” on it, but when I click it, it says file not found 😦 It’s a pity, seems like you are writing about interesting stuff.

    1. I’m so sorry Blackkitty, yesterday I came back and tried to import some writing… well the crafted file names were so disorganized I wiped all the imported information (and accidentally some older information). First thing this morning I fixed this post for you so I hope you can see it now. If you see anymore broken things please let me know it helps me out! 😀

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