A retired “About Me”

I’m editing my Etsy shop for selling some specific original art pieces and realized I want to retire my “About Me” without losing it forever. So, I’ll make an entry in my rant section just for it


When we’re first born, we don’t recall every one of our memories. Do something for me, recall your earliest memory. Do you feel how you couldn’t make choices for yourself, but you knew you were consciously in your body. The people and environment surrounding you was just like a dream. My biggest problem is when I recall my memories I tend to accidentally get confused with dreams I’ve had. I am not trying to lie to the people I recall these memories aloud to, instead I like to think of it as telling stories my own mind has created without me having to even do it.
That’s what dreams are, they’re our way of our mind reminding ourselves that we can create something even if it’s a pitch black room at first.. you can shine light, and you can create an image. We as human beings have this ability, to create something from nothing and it’s unfornuate that so many human beings ignore their abilities.. their god given abilities to create.
I have watched so many documentaries on the mind and how it works, and I have one thing to say to all the scientists out there trying to prove why we FEEL the way we FEEL. All the silly scientific methods behind why we LOVE, or why we HATE. It’s a simple answer for all you men and women that spend your lives searching in the dark. We are a species created by something far greater than us, and as a species we have been given this mind that even we do not know the boundaries of. No matter what we know, no matter what we prove.. there is more, there is something more and something greater that we simply cannot know. So why do we search? Why do we search for something so unimportant when we could unite under something that is beneficial on so many levels – creation.
Art is what I call, Creation. It’s the human beings’ ability to tap into the power that he had, and to put that power into an object that we’ve made ourselves from absolutely nothing. There is nothing greater than making something that didn’t exist .. exist.
Thinking back to when I told you to recall one of your earliest memories, let me tell you about one of my earliest and most important memories to me.
When I was a kid my favorite author was Dr. Seuss and my mother used to read his books to me every night. I remember one book in particular was Dr. Seuss’s bright teal (my personal favorite color) book about all these jobs people did, they were words I had never heard before. Every page was full of vividly colored illustrations showing you all the exciting things you could with your life, not only because you enjoy them but because it’s something to wake up for in the morning.
Not everyone feels like they have something to wake up for, and that’s incredibly saddening to me.
I couldn’t imagine what it feels like to wake up in the morning and have no desires, no goals, no aspirations. When I roll out of bed and stumble into my bathroom I’ve already concocted the blue prints of a dozen sculptures, perhaps a t-shirt design or two, and I’m tapping into how I have to check all my lines of communication at the chance of someone requesting something new.
I don’t create just for me, my biggest “thing” is my desire for custom orders.
You see.. as an artist I do enjoy creating characters and worlds from nothing. I do enjoy my “original” art work, and I will promote it anywhere I go. I feel that I want to be so great at art for a different reason than just getting my own art out though, I feel my job in life is a translator of sorts. My favorite thing about creating art is when someone suggests an idea, someone without the ability to create the things I can create. When someone comes to me they are complimenting me for entrusting me enough to be their translator. Do you see?
I have been sent here as a soldier with my hands as weapons  and my determination shielding me. The mediums that I am given are not important to me, because no matter what I have I will find a way to turn it into something magnificant.
I create art for one reason, because I want to remind people what we as humans are capable of creating. We have the ability and freedom to like or dislike, we have the ability to make NOTHING out of SOMETHING.
I work with water colors, I draw characters that never existed before my mind created them, I sculpt miniature foods out of polymer clay and turn them into jewelery that people want to ask you about! I create logos and websites that help create an identity for you and your businesses.
I am not here to change the world, I am simply here to help build atop it.. refinishing every wall, polishing every window. We are here, we have one life, and we should choose to do something beautiful with it.
My name is Ash(GUTZ), and I really think if enough people gave me a chance I could be an artist worth coming together to mold. So many human beings have showed me the kindness of suggesting ideas and complimenting my work, and I just want you to know that you are appreciated.
When I become a big artist, I will not own a larger house than I have now. I will not buy nice things, I will simply purchase materials and spread the knowledge of how easy it is to create. My one goal in life, is to make people happy… and it just so happens my art is how I do that.


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