Canisters are art tool stands

Reusing this canister as a stand for my inking tools and giving it a reference label means less fumbling through a box looking for that one pen. Here’s a quick guide I put together so you too can reuse your canister for holding markers, pens, sculpting tools, and more.



  1. Empty container, plastic lid.
  2. Flat head.

Optional: (Oh you fancy, huh?)

  1. Permanent marking pen.
  2. Scissor.
  3. Paper (for label).
  4. Bonding agent (glue).

1. Mark your slots or go straight to perforating.

  • 1A. I do not connect the perforations I’m making.
  • 1B. I am keeping my max size smaller than the circumference of my tools’ shaft. I want my tools securely held.

2. When you’re done creating perforations use the bottom of your smallest tool (that will be stored in this stand) to “punch out” the slot.

3. You might have flaps on the bottom of your lid, use your scissor to cut excess. You could rip them, but this risks tearing too much.

4. Using paper design a label, I created a reference chart for the inking pens I plan on storing.

5. I applied Lamination Glue to the back of my label and pushed it onto the container. I applied a coat to the edges and on the writing for extra protection.

6. I remove my pens’ caps and push them point down into the lid, recapping them after. I store my pens upside down because it keeps them from drying out.

I can also hold down the lid with one hand and pull on a pen with the other, the pen cap will pop out into my canister for later retrieval. Good stuff!

Click image for full size.

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