BJD are steadily gaining popularity

I’ve regularly visited sites owned by face-up artists exhibiting their customs for years. I’m interested in mold making and casting to create original toys. I’ve gathered many techniques about airbrushing, pastel accenting, sealing, rooting hair, sewing, information involving every aspect of creating a toy. 

It all began when I discovered Ball Joint Dolls (BJD), I’ve blogged about them before. The rising popularity keeps cycling images of Monster High customs and BJD keep the place for them in my heart warm.

Ducan is the first doll I discovered, he’s not been available for years. None of these dolls are available for sale from D.O.D. anymore.

Not often do I enjoy the slightly closed eye sculpt but on this girl, I do.


There was one other, with ebony hair and a brass streak through, pale skin… can’t find him on their site at the moment.

All images are ©Dream of Doll, 2003, all right reserved.


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