Pinterest is invaluable to an artist.

When you needed an invite it became popular quick. I had many friends talking about it but I didn’t see how it was different from my book mark folders.

As a freelance artist I carry around many notebooks. One for concepts, fitness, color, tattooing, piercing, design, and schedule. Pinterest became my digital book with endless visual filing tabs. Being a visual learner I’m able to keep track of resources easier which motivates me to reference them more, which means BETTER ART!

I do have one issue with Pinterest users, they will mislabel information and fail to check links so things aren’t what they are labeled as. It happens with re-blogging, flash coding on sites, it’s not anyone’s fault it’s just the digital cycle. Pinterest integrates an alarm system for reported “spam” pins which can avoid this issue sometimes.

It’s important to water mark your personal work before pinning it. You never know who accidentally removes credits in their attempt to personalize a pin for their reference.

AshGUTZ's Pinterest

Pinterest enthusiasts have years worth of pinned items from Modpodge recipes to refinishing trampolines as suspended reading nooks.

I find the community an enthused crowd desiring to inspire innovation. If you’re into anything you can find bread crumbs to follow on that category’s path surfing Pinterest.

My Pinterest is categorized into reference material. All images I consider art and I try to keep original creator’s credits with the piece. Easy access to references has encouraged my studies already, my recent sketch study for lips was motivated by pinning a picture I really liked.

Pinterest might amp up creativity, can’t hurt to try.


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