Lagoona repaint concept

Monster High repaint design.

I’ve just finished the winning design for the Monster High doll repaint!
I can’t decide extension lashes or not so I’ve drawn her without them.

The best thing about art we can change it as we go. I’ll be posting the process and assured you’ll see I changed a LOT as I painted.

I’m very pleased with the progress I’m making. I took careful consideration of colors prior to painting this piece.

I went through six colored version before I found a scheme that felt right with the palette I was limiting myself to.

I’m very excited to get started on this repaint!

I couldn’t help how much fun I had giving her a design with a concept revolving around “adult oriented prosthetic”  I’m considering making these for her I’ve already conjured a way I can do it. Makes it more tempting.

Her hair will be to her feet so I’ve depicted it long, rather expensive material I might add. She’ll have blonde peaking under brown.

This project will take awhile but it’s going to be worth it, I know it.

Designed using my free high resolution template you can get it here:


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