Sketchbook 10142012

Mummy food concepts by AshGUTZ.
Mummy food concepts by AshGUTZ.


I started my WordPress to upload sketches and yet this is my first sketch journal page!

As a creative artist my interests don’t stop at drawing, I also love designing miniature foods and sculpting them out of polymer clay. I use pastels and acrylics to accent my work, then I place them on charms for jewelery or key chains. I also love dolls. I’ve dedicated the past few days to sketching up these original ideas for monster themed foods that would be the accessories to a monster themed doll. This doll’s theme is a mummy/Egyptian type.

On the menu (top left to bottom right):
Spaghetti & Eyeballs.
Soil baked scarab.
Skewered snake.
Hemp tamales.
Organ soup.

Apologies for all the watermarks but they have proved a requirement.



2 thoughts on “Sketchbook 10142012

    1. It has been so long since I’ve hopped on my gaming account, strangely enough those are the best signs for my art! Thank you for keeping up with me Cable, I shall pop on soon in hopes of finding you.

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