Digital art doesn’t mean shortcut

Digital art is my favorite medium but it’s often misunderstood. People think if you do digital art you take photographs, toss some adjustments like increased contrast or color balance, and you’re done. I am here to tell you this is most certainly not the case. Many digital artists sketch traditionally then scan in their lines for digital colors or they’ll sketch digitally into the finished product. Both techniques require the same attention as traditional artists.

Portrait of Dez by
Portrait of Dez by

My most recent image was done fully digital and I decided to share my progressive shots on my blog because they got much attention. I had a few people saying they “didn’t know that’s what I was doing”. I want more to know what I’m doing when I present my digital works.


Thank you very much for viewing my blog, I’ve been notified I should post more of my sketches and art pieces so I will. 🙂


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