My unique septum ring option


My septum ring has stirred up some questions regarding where I got it so it was time I made a blog about it.

When I got my septum pierced I liked the “bull ring” from the get-go, but of course we modified strive for individuality (slightly ironic because we all choose the same way to do this.) Nonetheless I wanted to post a small blog about my septum ring option that doesn’t look like everyone elses’.

My septum ring is a horseshoe with a press set CBR gem clamped between the horse shoe balls.

If you’re interested in purchasing my unique septum ring arrangement I have the color options shown below and I carry 14/16 gauge horse shoes – $30.00 USD.

Image (Contact Link).


2 thoughts on “My unique septum ring option

  1. Hellos! I would love to purchase a septum ring from you but am not sure how to initiate it. The facebook link doesnt seem to work so if you could please contact me by email, I would greatly appreciate it.

    p.s. I met you at Blizzcon last year =)

    1. Wow Amanda when I got your message I was shocked, that is so awesome you were able to find me again! I hope the email you provided is valid because I’m going to hop in to my email and shoot you a message!

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