Marmite Sue, doll artist

Angel Egg dolls, she’s changing what we thought we knew.

You may recognize the name “Marmite-Sue” and if you don’t, you should. This woman has revolutionized the world of dolls. I’ve seen many styles of doll making but specifically I’ve been drawn to sculpted bodies. She hasn’t settled at a pretty face, these dolls from head to toe are complete works of art.

You can’t help but see a soul in those artist made eyes which are available in glass, silicone, and resin. Her porecelain body can be ordered and sculpted all ways imagineable including embelished gems, sculpted designs, tattoos, body piercings, even lace emeblishments. Removable wigs are finely crafted from human hair, english mohair, and high grade synthetic options. The Angel egg doll is a perfectly crafted model and you wouldn’t guess but even their heads can be swapped.

Every sculpted limb, eyelash, and skin variation, have been placed there by hand with an artists’ eye for detail. The ordering process on a client-to-client basis allows you to personify every inch of your doll down to the high heeled feet or dragonfly wings options.

Since these dolls are entirely hand made they do have a minumum processing of two weeks. Marmite-Sue has assured you the highest quality. I challenge you to take a look through her online catalouge ( and resist ordering one of these irresistable beauties.

Visit Marmite-Sues website at:


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