A book every shelf should have

I often get asked questions like:
“How did you get so good at drawing?”
“How do you know where to shade?”
“How do you know where to put lines?”
“How do you create depth with your images?”

It’s hard to answer these questions but I can offer ANY advice I collect along the way. I don’t go to college and I can’t afford it nor do I qualify for any grants. I do constantly read anything I can about my artistic interests and this was one book I couldn’t help but make a video review on. I felt a written review would take me ages.

I’d like others to know how priceless this book is. I was very nervous so my voice is shaking and I apologize, hope you can still make out what I had to say. I suggest this book to any level artist and it’s worth more than the price.

The book was unavailable online then and still is as I type this. I encourage you to go to your local Barnes and Noble (or any other book store that allows direct orders) and get this book while you can.


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