Ball Joint Dolls (BJD)


Ducan was the first BJD I came across. I fell in love with the way this artistic doll looked and I researched everything about the type of doll he was.

We have Barbie which is connected with those rotating balls (heh.. heh). These dolls are different segments like the common doll but they are strung artistically within their bodies. The way they’re strung gives them a personable body when you pose them. They also photograph beautifully because they are sculpted.

The key factor to these dolls are the way their strung of course but the skin options, wigs and wig caps, removable eyes.. these are little humans. They stand tall mattering on the body type and people create personas, sometimes obsess over them. I personally can spend hours just looking at all the “Face Ups” people create. Face Up refers to the face itself and the design, they’re done by hand and with the most delicate of tools.

Single hair tipped brushes, powder pigments, water color pencils.. I’m talking delicate! The precious time and love put in to these shows and they are quickly capturing hearts. I’ll begin posting links to more of the people that create these wonderful dolls but here are two to start you off.    -The most amazing body details I’ve ever seen. This woman stretches far to add delicate features you can’t put a price on. She didn’t accept the idea of painting the skin she sculpts her dolls and they’re porcelain so this is some delicate work.     -This is the first site I ordered a BJD from, they sell great parts at the right price. Do NOT import your parts it is not worth it.

You can also just craft the parts if you do extensive searching and learn to properly string dolls. Many successful doll makers craft their parts and molds themselves.


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