Respect is not something you are born with

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When an experienced adult gives you advice you should take a step back from yourself, thank them for all they have given you, and think very hard about what they’ve said.

Specifically in business if someone is higher rank than you and they aid you with progressive suggestions you should reply “Yes sir/ma’am” and make respective adjustments.

I think the most important thing to a human is education and environment, many people when asked will say the same thing.

Isn’t it funny, when we are children and our parents are trying to do everything they can to help us build a golden future and we’re doing everything we can to resist that parental guidance? The case is not the same for all. When I was a kid I was a motivated learner, a passionate reader, a curious artist, I applied myself and I received honor roll grades. I also didn’t have but one friend across the street and we shared the likeness of keeping indoors playing with our toys not causing a fuss. It was when I made “friends” I began exploring other identities and when I entered high school I began exploring other environments (coffee shops, clubhouses, etc). I hit a new phase (It’s just a phase) and I wanted to be dark, I wanted to be mysterious, I wanted people to crumble at my feet because they couldn’t get close enough. They could never know who I was because once they did we all knew it wasn’t very interesting, the writhing and reaching was much more enjoyable than eating the fruit. I really separated myself from the “human species” when identifying characteristics and I got upset if others saw relative characteristics within me and some other person. This was also the phase I got in the most trouble during go figure.

I don’t feel this way anymore it’s so opposite. I want people to band together and connect how much we have in common.

“Connect” is a good word to move through this chunk of text with because these days people have this false idea connection is an electrically charged word.

No matter how dark or light mentally.. we enjoy the company of one another. We enjoy gabbing back and forth about things we have in common.  We like to outdo one another with silly stories or recent successes and failures.

Connection means more to me than plugging in a cord, it’s about going to that local community event and being a part of a cause involving people working whether there is pay involved or not. There is nothing like the ribbons of attachments and emotions that weave in and out of us when we are a group.  Have you ever known what it’s like to work together for something, making music, painting, political movements (free of violence I’d hope), conducting beauty pageants, leading a photo shoot, vocalizing your teams next game plan, instructing that group of new staff members for your business. All of these things have emotions you can’t replace and there is no internet site or electrical device that can replace human interaction.

How ironic I’m saying all this while I type in a cyber diary.. but I will be the first to admit with the Americanization came my mental addiction to internet and my laptop. I’ve possessed a personal laptop since I was thirteen years old, I’ve made and sold art work since that age as well.. I payed for my first laptop with a website I constructed. I won’t ever stop creating art work, though I’d love to move away from digital leaning more towards traditional because oil paints look so fun!

Which reminds me, I’ve been getting a lot of questions about art work and suggestions for new artists about supplies. I assure I will construct a solid blog for you guys but this one was more for me to catch up on the personal rants. You can view my first video review here at Amazon, I was pretty blushed to see it has received 4/4 “Useful” clicks, I’m collecting more of these for the blog post.
As young, growing, people we must zip our lips and listen, I’m working on that everyday because I know I don’t do it well enough. Admitting your flaws and preparing for them is important.

The only thing in public speaking that makes people nervous is they don’t feel prepared so they stumble on themselves with “Uh” and “Like”. I think the only thing that creates fear in general is lack of preparation or inability to handle an upcoming set of circumstances. Reciting, repetition, making a habit of all good things in life is important.

In a career choice I’d suggest something you are passionate about and if you are not you will know. You must be willing to accept any “currency” investments lost in the process and continue your search for a proper job. You need a job you’re happy with because you don’t want to resent your job when it’s time to leave your casual life for it.

You might want to remove distractions like alcohol and drugs when you plan to do good at your job because there is nothing more distracting in your professional life than knowing you are watching the time until you get to go home and relax in the arms of that bottle or that cloud of smoke. It also makes working over time as painful as death.

I’ve noticed the largest detriments to humans are made by other humans. That gives other humans too much control over my life from my perspective and I’d like to limit it much as possible. I would rather be educated in survival and capable of hunting down my own fresh meats than having to grocer shop but my limited resources prove an issue temporarily. The best you can do is fresh water and support your farmers by purchasing locally. Research where your food came from and what it was raised in. Keep your family safe from processed foods because it’s going to devolve your blood line. You do no favors by using a microwave because you’re speeding up your death for those extra few minutes you get from avoiding use of a stove top or mini oven.  I don’t know how I feel about the FDA at this point but I do know the best books for health are those published by and sold in book stores not found on a government website, the internet is just TOO EASY to alter. If I want to know what is going on with the world the last place I go is a media “news” source.

The successful people I know are such because they believe in themselves, cliche motivational phrases are such for a reason. Things like “You can be anything you want to be if you put your mind to it”, well yes keep your mind clear of toxins and exercised frequently and that mind of yours is capable of literally anything you want. Or “Never stop believing”, easy and true if you never give up on yourself you are just always productive and pushing through. You must be your own motivation, you must know what you are passionate about and at the end of the day if everything in life was gone and only you existed what would you want to do? If you were stuck alone forever and you needed one thing to keep your hopes high, what would it be? Would it be your music? Your art? Your makeup work? Your photography? Your modeling? What would you want to do for the rest of your life?

Now, take care of your body and keep it alive as long you can. Do not discard this one chance you have to reach for a fulfilling life free of media empowered money craved evil and push until you don’t need currency anymore. Do not resist the system we’re in, plant your seed in it and beat it. I’m not saying you shouldn’t crawl up the economic ladder, but hold that knowledge in your heart that you will get to the top, stand on that roof, look down, and kick that ladder off the edge. Go out and vote because if you don’t vote you are just admitting defeat you are letting them win. Maybe they can lie and change the numbers later but knowing you got up and were a part of something, you didn’t just sit on your rear and refuse to use your birth given rights to act physically and mentally. It’s all about you, save the “currency” you need, take your stuff, go as far from humanity as possible, and die where you know your body isn’t going to be available for others to do what they want with it.

I rather be ripped apart and consumed by wild wolves in the woods than know others can dig up my corpse and do what they want with it.

My passion is my art and I will continue to make it, I will not stop believing, I will continue to exercise and eat as healthy I can until I am able to flee and raise the farm I need for basic survival. I won’t need the internet, it will become clear what is important in life like when people travel to foreign countries and share all the stories about with photographs except it won’t be documented. I will just disappear and people will or won’t wonder, but I promise my life is great.. I build it around everything that drives me.

Above all with this post if you want to live a fulfilling life as I desire, taking advice will not always be pleasant.. sometimes you have to take steps back in what you’d like to do and work on other aspects first. This is growing up, rounding off who you are as a human being and shaping your organic identity.. forget the makeup, faux hair, clothing, work on yourself from within. It’s nice to look good but it’s important to feel good.

You will learn how important respect is to your elders, respecting your siblings also struggling through the same phases of life you are, respect younger children for not knowing what respect is yet. Teach respect, paying in kindness in favors rather than man created items. – Creative Artist.


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